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SOCIAL engagement

Of the trees characterized, we know that at least 85% were on private property and, therefore, actions aimed at the preservation of large trees would also have to be largely focused on their owners, or guardians as we like to call them.

Fortunately, thanks to other projects such as Lousada Jardins or the Participatory Process for the creation of the Local Protected Landscape "Sousa Superior", there were opportunities to exchange views and understand a little better the importance of Lousada's natural heritage for citizens, including how large trees were valued. It was also a great opportunity to create new connections between citizens and the territory.

At this moment, we already have ongoing actions that resulted from these discussions, but we also felt the need to consult specialized technicians in several important fields of action for the preservation of large trees.

Actions in progress:



Basic School students are sowing and caring for the Green Giants of the future, the descendants of the current ones. These will continue to carry the unique genetic heritage of their ancestors.

The plants developed will later be planted in municipal areas to enhance the mega-diverse native forest.


green giants advisory board

Experts from all over the country were invited to jointly discuss opportunities for preserving large trees taking in consideration their ecossystem services and resulting values.

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