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Research & development

november 2020

Scientific article

Ribeiro H, Tomás J, Pires J, Soutinho J & Vila-Viçosa C (2020). Large fenced oaks
of Batalha and Tomar as ambassadors of the forests of Quercus faginea Lam. (cercais) in the central zone
from Portugal.
Lucanus - Revista de Ambiente e Sociedade, IV, 106-133.

October 2020

Research grant

João Soutinho - Conserving large trees in humanized landscapes: using easy-to-access remote sensing techniques to prioritize conservation actions - Foundation for Science and Technology

December 2019

Masters dissertation

Soutinho, João. "How important are big trees for biodiversity: a call to the local community of Lousada" . Master, University of Lisbon Faculty of Sciences, 2019.

november 2019

Scientific article

Soutinho, João Gonçalo; Manuel Nunes; Cristina Branquinho; Ana Catarina Luz; Milene Matos. "Green Giants: The large trees in the municipality of Lousada. Where are they and how can we conserve them?" . Lucanus - Revista de Ambiente e Sociedade 3 (2019): 54-79.


May 2018  

Scientific post

João Gonçalo Soutinho, Milene Matos, Manuel Nunes, Cristina Branquinho, Ana Catarina Luz “Green giants - A citizen science project for an integrative tree conservation approach” X European Saproxylic Beetle Conference, St. Oswald

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