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valuation mechanisms

The appreciation of large trees has focused on several types of key actions that enhance the value that each of these trees has. Whether for its ecological value, for supporting biodiversity and for providing other ecosystem services, but also for its cultural and economic values.

Large trees are a natural heritage, keep stories and traditions, and belong to the people who value them. To this end, we have focused on several key actions.

Actions in progress:


green giants route

65 trees were selected for their unique characteristics to become representatives of the Green Giants of Lousada.

These can be visited through a route that joins them and that consists of walking and driving routes.

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municipal regulation of tree management

It was necessary to create a regulatory mechanism that would allow to protect large trees and valuable specimens.


we value dead wood

Whenever a tree managed by the municipality has to be felled or pruned, all the remaining dead wood removed is used for the enhancement of municipal natural spaces.

We create structures that make it possible to improve the enjoyment of the natural space by any visitor, but also increase the ecological potential of these places, since dead wood shelters countless organisms that return nutrients to the soil.

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support for the management of the giants and their surroundings

We bridge the gap between owners and certified entities that can better manage their assets, such as arboriculture or gardening companies.

We plant giant futures on their properties and native shrubs that value the tree's surroundings.

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