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where are the green giants ?

In Lousada it is possible to find green giants in different habitats and places, however, in almost all places there is a tree with sufficient characteristics to designate itself as a giant.

There are, however, places of singular interest for the preservation of these giants, which are the properties of the large manor houses that exist in the municipality, which preserve a large part of the existing large trees in their particualr botanical collections but also in native wodlands.

In addition, there are also several trees that reached large size after the traditional management actions that kept them smaller were abandoned. We are talking about the trees that supported the hanged vineyards, usually plane trees, poplars, European nettle tree and oaks. In several places where these practices were abandoned it is possible to find large specimens with a burst of their branches in a specific place 4-5 meters from the ground.

Although we continue the process of characterizing each giant, we have, to date, 3700 (out of 7400) characterized (in green in the following map). In yellow we have the trees identified and that have not yet been characterized.

Discover the giants here:

See also some pictures of our giants:

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